Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


Please note.... we offer a special introductory rate for new clients of $45.00 for a one Hour massage (Hot stone not included.)


Swedish Massage   ----  60 min  $60.00      90 min $90.00

Swedish Massage is the oldest and best known form of massage.  It uses gentle strokes and pressure to reduce tension, improve circulation and allow relaxation.


Deep Tissue         ----   60 mins $60.00      90 mins $90.00

Deep tissue focuses on deeper layers of muscles by using a firmer pressure, that can be a little more intense.  Sometimes it will incorporate "Trigger point" therapy to get at those annoying "knots" that cause discomfort and occasionally "referred" pain to other areas.


Bamboo Fusion     ----  60 mins  $70.00     90 mins $95.00

This new technique utilizes smooth crafted Bamboo which is heated, along with Swedish techniques to produce a delightful method of getting at those deeper muscles layers without causing soreness.


 Hot Stone         ----    60 mins $75.00      90 mins $100.00

(requires min of 4 hours notice of appointment for set up)

Hot stone uses natural earth stones that have been heated in conjunction with a light oil massage to provide a deeper heat treatment than Bamboo, which is particularly enjoyable, especially on the colder days.  Stones are used both for applying the pressure and when cool enough they are also placed on the body to provide localized "pressure points."


Sports massage    ----  60 mins $ 65.00 

Sports massage is designed for the more active lifestyle person who wants to loosen up muscles, either before or after a workout or walk.  It is a more vigorous, energetic massage and not relaxing like Swedish Massage.


Chair massage is available at $1.00 per minute with a 15 min. minimum.


Half hour appointments are available at a 40% reduction of the one hour price.  (not available for Hot Stone or Bamboo Fusion Massage.)



Prices listed are at time of service, cash discount prices. When applicable, Insurance is billed in 15 min Units at $43.00 per unit.








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